Massive rally shows support for Manfred

A massive concentration that afternoon showed their support for Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa. On Thursday, the Constitutional Chamber of Chuquisaca will decide on the appeal in the alternative Sillar case.

“More than Manfred we defend democracy and respect the voice of the people of Cochabamba,” said the mayor to the crowd.

“It cannot be that some who lost the elections are angry with Manfred and start moving politically to want to oust the mayor who won by an absolute majority,” said Reyes Villa, reiterating that he did not commit a crime.

“If they hurt me, they hurt our Llajta,” he said. The mayor also asked not to lapse into “incidents of confrontation and division”.

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This afternoon different sectors marched from different points in the city of Cochabamba and went to Plaza 14 de Septiembre, where a vigil will be installed to await the verdict and a mobilization is planned for Thursday.


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