MAS shock groups are trying to lift blockades in La Paz and Santa Cruz

MAS shock groups attempted to violently lift several blockade points in La Paz and Santa Cruz in the first hours of the national citizens’ strike to reject the law against the legitimation of illegal profits.

In the eastern capital of the country, a group of 40 people who accompanied MAS Council member José Quiroz with shouts and clubs tried to clear the road and allow traffic in the Los Lotes area, District 12 of the capital Santa Cruz.

The group close to the MAS approached the blockade point with calls against the strike and intimidated those present with sticks. The mayor encouraged his supporters to clear the route while dismissing the stance of the blockers, who he insistently referred to as “shitty faces”, according to El Deber.

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In La Paz, several blockade points were reported in the southern and central areas. A blockade site on Montes Avenue and near the stadium was intervened first by the police and then by MAS shock groups, but neighbors and activists blocked the street again after a few minutes.

The same happened in the southern area, at Hernando Siles Avenue, 21 Calacoto and Mariscal Santa Cruz, where tension arose between MAS supporters and neighbors blocking the streets.

Yesterday a statement from the departmental management of the MAS circulated in La Paz, in which they called on their militants to lift the blockade points in order to guarantee freedom of movement.

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