MAS Senator Announces Suspension of Illicit Profits Act

The Senate has temporarily suspended the treatment of the law against the legitimation of illegal profits with the aim of summoning the sectors that comply with the norm and reaching a consensus, said the Senator of the MAS, Miguel Pérez, said.

The announcement comes after economic sectors expressed opposition and unions announced pressure against the standard because they believed it could be subject to arbitrary scrutiny.

“Today is not about, we have put it on hold, it is suspended and we call for common sense in our sectors at national level so that the country does not get into conflict,” Pérez told Radio Pío XII of the Erbol network .

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Senator Pérez indicated that the decision was made on the recommendation of President Luis Arce.

“On the recommendation of Brother President Luis Arce, from today all social sectors in conflict will be called upon to go through the Judicial and Legislative Commission,” he said.

The president said he was ready to even change the norms followed by various sectors.


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