MAS sectors block the Sucre-Potosí route to prevent Camacho from reaching the peak of democracy

Farmers and social organizations affiliated with the MAS blocked the highway between Chuquisaca and Potosí in the Betanzos sector to prevent the arrival of Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho at the imperial villa.

Camacho arrived early to take part in the Citizens’ Summit for Democracy, convened by the Comité Cívico Potosinista (Comcipo).

The delegation from We believe they traveled to the imperial villa consists of the governor, 14 parliamentarians, the president of the departmental legislative assembly, Zvonko Matkovic Ribera, and auxiliary staff.

For security reasons, the caravan stopped before reaching the blockade point. In a telephone conversation with El Deber, MP Erwin Bazán pointed out that they were returning to Sucre because they could not continue their journey by land.

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