MAS says Law 1386 is already in place and requires work on regulations

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani (MAS), said this Thursday that Law 1386 of the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits is already in force and that work must now be done on regulating it, which it has called for Sectors that contradict this rule.

“Surely it was created by the issue of fear, so we call and we will get together, we are always open to be able to work, now we are going to work on a regulation that has already been approved, which we still have to work on , are government edicts to address all of your concerns, ”Mamani said at a press conference in La Paz.

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The MP’s president claimed that the opposition had stoked fear of this norm, but the government listened to the people and therefore withdrew the Anti-Illegal Profits Act, but the National Strategy Act was already in place.

“We call on all social organizations that believe they are affected, the doors are open to speak and clarify about these applicable regulations,” he said.

In the same way, the official Senator Luis Adolfo Flores declared that “we are ready for dialogue on the regulation” and that the executive calls on the social sectors for dialogue “if it is to be regulated by a decree”.

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