MAS representative in photos of Zapata: She replied and was serving her sentence

MAS MP Rolando Cuéllar said in relation to the photos published by former Prime Minister Yerko Núñez of Gabriela Zapata, Evo Morales’ ex-girlfriend, that she had served her prison sentence and reacted to the corruption in court.

“You know very well that the judiciary has sentenced you to 10 years in prison. He knows it is two to one in prison, if he is sentenced to 10 years he will spend five years (in prison); if sentenced to 20 years, he will sit 10 years in prison and get out. Ms. Zapata was not covered up anywhere, she reacted to corruption. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and served two to one and was released, ”said the legislature on Radio Compañera.

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On Monday morning, Núñez underground posted photos of Zapata on his Twitter account, walking smiling in a garden and posing in a room with several presents.

According to the former authority, Zapata lives on a farm in Cochabamba. “Christmas has already arrived for Evo Morales’ ex-girlfriend and she’s enjoying jumping for joy on her farm at CBBA,” wrote Núñez. However, there is no certainty about the temporality of the images.

On November 29, the fourth execution judge, Abraham Aguirre Romero, ordered the “immediate release” of Zapata, who was held in Miraflores Prison in La Paz. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for using the social services offices to conduct a variety of business deals with business people without being a civil servant.

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Morales’ ex-girlfriend has been accused of profiting from millionaire deals with the state that he signed when he introduced himself as the manager of Chinese company CAMC.


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