MAS prepares proceedings against Mesa for

The President of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan José Jauregui (MAS), announced this Thursday that a case is being prepared against the former President and national head of the Civic Community (CC) Carlos Mesa for failing to verify the “monumental fraud.” “, which he reported on in 2019.

“We, at the Assembly, are already preparing the relevant complaint to formalize this complaint before the State Department so that Mr (Carlos) Mesa can be investigated because he has not yet had the opportunity to commit a ‘monumental fraud,” as he pointed out, “he claimed.

He indicated that the formal lawsuit against Carlos Mesa of TSE should have been filed during Salvador Romero’s tenure, but it did not; Therefore, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly prepares the complaint, which will be formalized before the State Ministry.

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“What happened to Mr (Carlos) Mesa’s actions on October 20th and 21st, when he denounced the likelihood of ‘monumental fraud’ and the corresponding call for Bolivians to defend their voice, was that of By That Call riots were created, departmental electoral courts occupied, protocols and the offices of various courts burned, “he said.

“The actions of (Carlos) Mesa, which have confirmed the execution of a ‘monumental fraud’ with its subsequent consequences, are classified as electoral crimes in the Electoral Regime Act 026 in its Article 238, subsection h, which relates to the obstruction of the electoral process”, he said.

Carlos Mesa, opposition and activists assure that the 2019 elections were fraudulent in favor of the then MAS candidate Evo Morales.

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An audit by the Organization of American States (OAS) found “malicious manipulation” in favor of the blue party.


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