MAS plans to begin its defense lawyer selection process in January

The Movement to Socialism (MAS) plans to start the selection process for the new ombudsman in the first month of legislative work, reported the party’s senator Félix Ajpi.

“We agreed in the last meetings of the bank that we would go this route in the first month of legislative work. It is the lame part of the previous administration and you have to choose,” Ajpi told the media.

The ALP took a break until January 7th and is expected to resume its functions on January 10th.

The current defense attorney, Nadia Cruz, has held the post on an interim basis since January 30, 2019 following the resignation of incumbent David Tezanos Pinto.

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Several sectors called for the election of a new head of the Ombudsman’s office and criticized Cruz for being “biased” towards sectors related to the MAS.

Ajpi said it was “the responsibility of the ALP and there is nothing else to be convened and it was someone who knows how to defend people’s rights without any partisan criteria.”

The ALP has to elect the new ombudsman with 2/3 of the votes, a number that the MAS does not have, so it is expected to start talking to the opposition.


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