MAS organizations will evaluate the ministers on January 7th

The Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) and Pact of Unity will evaluate President Luis Arce’s ministers on January 7 to propose changes in the cabinet, said Gonzalo Quispe, Executive Secretary of the Federation of Mines of Bolivia.

Quispe indicated that if deficiencies and mismanagement are found in some ministries, the organizations will demand changes from the head of state.

“On this issue of the ministers we will have meetings on January 7th and yes or yes, there will be an evaluation of the ministers to see which ministry has been neglected in its functions and if so, there must be changes,” said the Leader.

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As an example, he cited that there were problems with the Ministry of Labor, which disregarded the organic resolutions of workers and favored some leaders who petitioned in particular.

“In the Ministry of Labor we have problems, sometimes it no longer respects the organic issue, it ignores this issue and we are concerned,” he said.

This Tuesday, the Confederation of Fabriles urged the government to change ministers for labor, justice, productive development and health because it had failed to meet the requirements of the sector.

On January 22nd, Plurinational State Day, President Luis Arce will decide whether to continue with the same Cabinet or to change it.

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