MAS MP Says Minister Quelca should resign

MAS MP Juanito Angulo said Friday that Education Minister Adrián Quelca will have to resign “out of ethics” after being charged by prosecutors, despite clarifying that it depends on a personal decision by the agency.

“For ethics, for principles, he (Quelca) should step aside. It is a personal decision that he has to make so that this process is transparent (carried out) and not hindered, it progresses and finally finds itself in your responsibility,” said Angulo.

Quelca was charged with negligence by prosecutors and requested house arrest during the investigation. This in the context of a complaint about alleged instructions through WhatsApp messages to damage or favor certain applicants for management positions in the education system.

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MEP Angulo recalled that there was the principle of the presumption of innocence for which Quelca could not be compelled to resign, but reiterated that it was advisable to step aside.

“The most advisable thing is that he defend himself when he leaves office, but it is a personal choice,” he added.


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