MAS MP condemns Coca deputy minister for harassment and political violence

MAS MP Gladys Quispe filed a complaint against Coca Deputy Minister Rolando Canceno for alleged harassment and political violence.

“The complaint is directed against Rolando Canceno, the intellectual author, and Zulma Aguilar, the material originator of the attacks and threats I have received. In addition, the integrity of my family is at risk. I was just trying to control the deputy minister of Coca and because of that, my person and family are at risk, “the MP told Radio Yungas.

According to the complaint, the deputy investigated several complaints against Vice Minister Canceno in the Coca Vice Ministry and requested several reports on the management of these offices, but received no response.

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Lawmakers claimed that Canceno’s wife and former Coripata councilor Zulma Aguilar, along with Canceno, intimidated and threatened his family in District 17.


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