MAS MP attacks the member who left the TSE and examines their migration flow

MAS MP, Héctor Arce, criticized Rosario Baptista, who resigned from the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), saying he is requesting immigration reports because he suspects he is out of the country.

Vocal Baptista released her resignation letter over the weekend, arguing that the TSE is not independent and that the ruling party will never lose an election under the current conditions.

Deputy Arce argued that the Baptista member had, in fact, resigned for violating electoral body law as she would already be absent from plenary sessions four times, resulting in the abandonment of functions that would be sanctioned with a dismissal.

“Apparently he finished his vacation on November 4th. I have the information that (Baptista) is still abroad, ”the officer said.

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Héctor Arce accused Baptista of not having participated in his source of work on November 8, 9, 11 and 12. He asked him to take responsibility and not blame the MAS.

He also said that Baptista’s resignation wasn’t presented until Monday morning and, due to the nature of the signature, he believes it has been delivered digitally.

“So we are almost certain that Ms. Rosario Baptista is not completely safe in the country,” said Hector Arce.

In this regard, she noted that she is requesting two reports, one from the Supreme Electoral Court, detailing the dates of the plenary sessions and their attendance, as well as the penalties for absenteeism.

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The second report that MP Arce is asking is migration, for which I have indicated the date on which Rosario Bautista left the country and what date she would have entered the country.

“Ms. Rosario Baptista, do not lie to the country, do not make yourself a victim (…) The Supreme Electoral Court is not karaoke, it is not a chichería that you can enter and leave at any time. In every institution there are rules and regulations that must be followed, ”said the official.


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