MAS is trying to enforce its version of the

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), with its majority in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP), has another operational arm to promote its version of an international conspiracy “in support of the alleged coup” in its favor – a special commission of inquiry into the shipment of war material from Argentina and Ecuador will investigate.

The Legislature, in light of Evo Morales’ efforts in the face of any complaint against the blue party authorities or when it came to cornering the opposition, has created special commissions that have made positive decisions in most of the reports to deal with the accused to free them from any danger or, on the contrary, to recommend the initiation of proceedings against opponents.

“Now they are trying to create a joint commission on weapons. They are trying to create a fiction commission to desperately demonstrate that it is a desperate attempt by the Bolivians to get out of a crisis caused by Evo Morales in a peaceful, constitutional, democratic and electoral manner, which he caused a referendum to fail them create the crisis, (…) now it turns out that this is a coup, that there are also countries that were involved, it is unbelievable, ”said Senator Cecilia Requena from the Citizens Community (CC).

Characteristic of MAS

Former MP Gonzalo Barrientos of the Democratic Unity (UD) said that this action is characteristic of the blue party, that in whatever circumstances it benefits it, it imposes something, attacks the opposition, forms commissions in the assembly in which the only truth it has the majority, then with two thirds of the MAS.

“In the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, as well as in the Assembly itself, two-thirds were used to set up these commissions and to protect a number of irregularities. In addition, the economic resources of the state were spent with the sole political aim of protecting the enormous irregularities. There is the Camce case, the Zapata case, which ultimately covered up the interference and excesses that have taken place since President Morales, ”he said.

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For the former chairman of COR El Alto and indigenous lawyer Roberto de la Cruz, the sole purpose of this type of commission that the MAS forms is to protect power and attack the opposition.

He recalled that the ruling party (MAS) had set up a number of commissions to investigate cases in which former authorities had been involved, but unfortunately none of them were successful.

“This intention to set up a commission to investigate this weapons issue has only one aim, to ignite and ignite an alleged coup, because the arguments start with the confirmation of members of the Military High Command in the sense that the one who wanted to create chaos was Evo Morales was trying to set fire to the city of La Paz, ”he said.

He added that the majority of the MAS failed to achieve good results because “the report has always been in favor of power, and if the opposition has ever presented a minority report, it has not even been taken into account”.


Political scientist Patricia Velasco claims that the commissions with an official majority are not directed against their “bosses, co-religionists”; on the contrary, they will use the reports to trigger the assignment of blame, to justify a situation and, if necessary, to prosecute their opponents.

“First of all, this is a strategy to keep his speech going in all possible scenarios, in this case the alleged coup. Now it is trying at all costs to instill in public opinion that it was hatched with the support of Macri, Moreno and others from abroad, “he says.

In the Camce case, Evo Morales was released

In recent years, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) has set up several commissions to investigate various cases, including Camce, Panama Papers, Lava Jato, Privatizations and Capitalization.

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One of the serious cases that former President Evo Morales has been involved in is known as Camce.

In May 2016, the Plurinational Legislative Assembly’s joint special commission concluded in its final report that there was no evidence or indications linking the then-President Morales to an alleged influence that the Chinese company Camce was hired for various projects of the State would peddle or favor for more than $ 560 million.

“There is not a single piece of evidence to prove improper influence in the hiring processes analyzed,” was one of the conclusions.

Panama papers

On the contrary, in the case called Panama Papers, the Special Joint Investigation Commission examined several cases, including that of the Marincovik family and that of Samuel Doria Medina (Akapana).

According to the investigation, businessman Doria Medina is said to have opened an account in Panama in 2005 in order to evade 55 million Bolivianos for the sale of Soboce to the Mexican Cementos de Chihuahua. In 2017 that number rose and the leader of the National Unity owed the treasury 209 million Bolivianos.

“The case study report has been sent to the Tax Service, the Financial Investigation Department (UIF), the Corporate Inspectorate, the State Department and the Attorney General’s Office.”

Ask them to form a commission

Movement for Socialism MP (MAS) Juanito Angulo announced that he would request the formation of a mixed commission in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) to deal with the alleged irregular delivery of “war materials” to Bolivia in the government of the former Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

However, the Senate President stated that the idea of ​​forming a legislative commission was “not yet a fact”, although its relevance was being assessed.


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