MAS forbids its militants to speak about candidacies

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, reported that the leadership has been given within the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) so that no one is talking about candidacies at the moment.

“We’re not here to see who will be a candidate. In addition, a line has already been set, nobody can talk about the subject of candidacies at the moment, there is no need, ”he said at a press conference.

He assured that the ruling party’s priority is economic reactivation, fighting the pandemic and seeking justice for the victims of the 2019 conflicts. “This question of the candidacy is currently not discussed.” he said.

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He pointed out that the opposition is “in desperation” including the issue of candidacy in the political media debate. “We suggest that the opposition work on their program and not dedicate themselves to candidacies unless we are close to an election,” he said.

“We do not understand that there are some political forces that indicate that Evo Morales should not run in desperation in 2025,” he said.

Former President Evo Morales said over the weekend that the “right wing is afraid of him” and pointed out that those who do not want him as a candidate will be their best campaign managers. “

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Analysts and politicians pointed out that Morales could no longer stand as a candidate with the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Justice in 2025.


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