MAS confirms mobilizations for the 12th and affirms that the convocation of the citizenship is political

The so-called “General Staff of the People” led by Evo Morales confirmed a march in defense of President Luis Arce and Wiphala. He did not even start a march from Caracollo, Oruro to La Paz, with the same goal.

“On October 12th, from 10:00 a.m., a rally in defense of democracy and the defense of the President of Lucho Arce will take place in Plaza San Sebastián (…). A march from Caracollo to La Paz is not excluded” said Morales at a press conference.

“The concentration also serves to make amends for our wiphala,” argued the chairman of the MAS.

According to the former President of Bolivia, the opposition is trying to destabilize Luis Arce’s government and has indicated that social organizations will not allow it.

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“These concentrations against the permanent aggression of the right (opposition) against our government and the cultural democratic revolution,” emphasized the former president.

Meanwhile, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Andrónico Rodríguez, said this Monday that the mobilizations and strikes announced by opposition citizens and politicians have political interests.

“They have political interests, hopefully they can go on strikes and marches in the areas of health, education, productive issues or economic reactivation, so many issues that currently affect all Bolivians and are not in the least noticed by politicians.” who now want to paralyze the country, “he said.

Although they have the right to protest in a democracy, they must also be aware that they will hit the people who are trying to revive their economy. “They can put any pressure on them, it is their right to protest, but at least they must be aware that their mobilizations will not affect our country’s economy if we are in the process of full reconstruction and economic reactivation,” he said.

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