MAS came forward saying that the Inter-American Court ruling was

Within a few hours after the Inter-American Court of Human Rights had deliberated and ruled on an indefinite re-election of the president in the context of the Inter-American human rights system, the Bank of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) assumed that the conclusion given in this instance is “non-binding” and they do not want to answer whether re-election is a human right or not.

Given the possibility of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights finding that “unlimited re-election is not a human right,” the blue party is beginning to set some criteria in this regard, such as the non-binding nature of the decision.

“It will be a recommendation, it is not mandatory. We have our rules, ”said Senator Luis Adolfo Flores, according to a report from Brújula Digital.

Flores said in contact with ANF that regardless of the position of the Court of Justice, it will only be a response to a request from a member country, in this case Colombia, which in 2019 under the American Convention on Human Rights, requested an opinion on the question, whether or not indefinite re-election is a human right.

The MP added that this motion was not “specifically addressed to Bolivia”, nor did it refer to the re-election of Evo Morales.

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Justice Minister Iván Lima pointed out that the Luis Arce government “was not heard in the context of the advisory opinion activated by Colombian President Iván Duque”.

“We as a national government did not participate; This action stems from a request from Colombian President (Iván) Duque, who asked for clarification on what happened to Article 23 of the Covenant (from San José, Costa Rica), ”he said.


Former President Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga states on his Twitter that “MAS says it was not heard in an advisory opinion on re-election before the Inter-American Court of Justice. Here is the list of 60 states, organizations, institutions and individuals who intervene verbally and in writing. Evo / MAS didn’t do it because they know it’s not a human right to perpetuate yourself.

In another message he explains: “Because of the inaction of the IACHR Commission, we ask Colombia to consult the Inter-American Court of Justice on re-election as ‘human rights’. Bolivia will always thank IvanDuque for delivering an advisory opinion in 2019, ”said Quiroga.


The head of justice pointed out at the time that it is “a preliminary opinion because the court has to rule in three cases”.

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“It’s not an authoritative opinion; it is still a preliminary opinion. Once the court has given its opinion, we will also talk about the scope of the political favors, ”he said.

Masists avoid giving answers

When asked whether re-election should be considered a human right, MAS Senator José Adolfo Flores avoided answering; however, he said the conclusions are outside the scope of the current political debate in national territory. He also pointed out that Evo Morales is no longer president.

“It has already lost its validity. What worries us now is the issue of the pandemic, the economic issue that is in the political debate and that is what we politicians should focus on, ”he said.

For his part, MAS Senator Félix Ajpi noted that regardless of whether re-election is a human right or not, candidates can run for an election and agreed that the conclusions are not binding and are only a preliminary opinion.

For her part, Senator Virginia Velasco avoided referring to the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Justice.


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