MAS calls for the march to La Paz and Arce maintains aggressive language

President Luis Arce does not lower the tone of his confrontational speech and insists on preparations for an alleged second coup, so he calls on his bases to mobilize. Meanwhile, the MAS has called for a march from Caracollo to the city of La Paz today and is planning massive participation. For the opposition, the president is trying to regain public support for his militancy “because of his defeat” after removing Law 318 from the legislative agenda and repealing Law 1386.

For months, Arce repeatedly called on social organizations to defend his government and even invited them to take to the streets to confront those who disagree with him, who are believed to be trying to destabilize his government and an alleged “coup d’état “prepare.

“The constant mobilization in view of the coup preparations must be this and the organization of our bases. The right wing is not able to regulate public affairs, they know it and will want to wear us down with every lie, this is the only way they will mobilize, ”said Arce during the national expansion of interculturality in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

In this context, the ruling party organized the so-called “Patriotic March”, which begins today in Caracollo (Oruro) and arrives at the seat of government.

The mobilization is promoted by the head of the MAS, Evo Morales, who announced on Kawsachun Coca’s radio that President Arce and Vice-President David Choquehuanca would be present on the first day.

“At seven in the morning in Caracollo, it’s no longer Evo time, it’s tropical time, I mean punctuality. Afterwards a small act is planned at 8:00 am. Our brother president (Luis Arce) and vice president (David Choquehuanca) are invited to start together, but (they) will not be there for seven days, ”said the MAS chief.

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In the same vein, the Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and Senators, Freddy Mamani and Andrónico Rodríguez, confirmed their participation in the mobilization of the blue party.

Likewise, the members of the Departmental Assembly of La Paz assured that they will join “all our organizations, federations from different sectors, to work for the march, for democracy, for the stability of our country, in view of the fact that” these coup plotters want to run over us again and destabilize our country ”.

The Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) gives instructions on the obligation of the member organizations to take part in the march. He said that “the CEN of the COB stipulates, in accordance with points 14 and 15 of the resolution of the National Expanded, that all confederations, national associations, CODS and CORS take part in the March of Caracollo in a disciplined and compulsory manner. November 23, 2021” .

Aggressive language

The Bolivian leaders came to the front in front of the demands and protests of various sectors with their discursive arguments of coup attempts, destabilization, the fascist right and even that they “do not arouse the anger of the Incas”.

“We will not let it go like 2019. And not only in the department (of La Paz), it is the nine departments that the brothers are determined to defend,” said Arce in an enlarged of the 20 provinces of LaPaz.

Vice President Choquehunca urged social organizations to “stand up” and that “everything has its limits. That they do not arouse the anger of the Incas ”.

They describe the march as “distracting”

The march that the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) begins this Tuesday has been described as distracting and aims to regain popular support after the defeats of the past few days.

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“The MAS march, led by the President and Vice President of the State, is a show of force and an unnecessary political pulse. It is a wrong political solution if the population demands the conclusion of Law 1407 (PDES). It is a ruthless political act, its aim is no other than to intimidate with totalitarianism those of us who do not communicate with the MAS ”, said MEP María René Álvarez (We believe).

The chairman of the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (Conade), Manuel Morales, again pointed out that the ruling party is not devoting itself to the transcendent issues of the country’s political, economic and social life, but is committed to organizing another march itself.

“We already know these marches of the MAS, of course a lot of people will go, the COB itself is calling out (…). Evo Morales and his supporters are striving for income with this march, while Luis Arce will take advantage of this fact to say that after a terrible defeat which, among other things, is the repeal of 1386 and the 218 file, he has the support of the people, “he said.

“It’s an affront to the city of La Paz”

Two opposition members of the civil parish, representatives of La Paz, considered it a “provocation” that the former President Evo Morales wants to march into the city, given the burns in 2019 they accuse him of.

“It is a provocation for democracy, for La Paz, that a character with so many catastrophic precursors of Caracollo marches into the city of La Paz,” said Central Committee MP Alberto Astorga.

“It is a direct affront, it is a direct provocation for the people of La Paz,” confirmed MP José Ormachea.


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