MAS asks to investigate Áñez's daughter for allegedly missing donation documents

MAS MP Omar Yujra announced that Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, was being investigated for allegedly missing records of how donations were handled when the young woman accompanied her mother to the social administration department of the Presidential Ministry.

“So far we have seen that many of the institutions that have received donations have not registered, including the Ministry of the Presidency, which was administered by Ms. Añez and her daughter at the time, in a unit that was precisely me responsible for this issue “said Yujra, quoted by Erbol.

The MP said the ministries had already provided some information on the matter, but an amendment had been requested and they were looking forward to it.

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Against this background, Ribera asserted that the allegation was unfounded as she had not signed any administrative documents and that her work was voluntary and received no salary from the state.

“I have not signed anything, no kind of administrative procedure,” said Ribera in contact with El Deber.

“I knew that sooner or later they would take something against me to try to silence me,” he said.

Áñez is currently in Miraflores prison because of the so-called “coup”. His daughter Carolina continues to pursue the case, publicly denouncing that her mother is a victim of psychological and physical torture.


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