MAS Apdhb announces international campaign to deny political persecution in Bolivia

The President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) of the MAS, Edgar Salazar, defended the legitimacy of the Congress at which he was elected and announced an international campaign to deny the political persecution in Bolivia.

They will also announce that former President Jeanine Añez has come to power “unconstitutionally” according to the MAS narrative of the alleged existence of a “coup” against Evo Morales in 2019.

“We will tell the historical truth of what happened in the country from September to December 2019 regarding the massacres, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that were committed in the country because we saw traditional political leaders in complicity with the daughter of Mrs. (Jeanine) Añez lying to the international community that there is political persecution in the country against those who have usurped the government in an unconstitutional way, against those who massacred the Bolivian people “hey they said today Tomorrow in an interview with the state broadcaster Bolivia TV.

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As he said, this campaign is being carried out in a coordinated manner with the victims of Senkata and Sacaba so that the world “knows the historical truth” and “does not know the truth of the traditional opposition parties”.

Last week, an Apdhb congress convened by the MAS disqualified President Amparo Carvajal on the grounds that serious human rights violations had not been reported during the Añez government.

Salazar was elected in his place, the former vice-president of this historic organization for its defense of human rights.

In an interview with the state broadcaster, he defended the legitimacy of his nomination because nine departmental assemblies and the regional assemblies of El Alto were taking part in the Congress, and also came to the conclusion that the Apdhb of Carvajal, Citizens ‘Resistance, Citizens’ Committees, Conade and political parties did not attend attend the meeting.

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“These institutions have nothing to do with the inside of our institution because our statutes do not recognize them,” he said.

“In a unified manner, the human rights assemblies of Bolivia have disgraced Ms. Amparo Carvajal for hiding human rights violations, massacres and crimes against humanity from September to December 2019,” he announced and now aims to “redress the” historical role “the Apdhb,” because their image became cloudy. “

Citizens ‘platforms, citizens’ committees and opposition parties denounce that Luis Arce’s government started a political hunt for the so-called “coup” against Morales, who resigned from the presidency in November 2019 and fled to Mexico surrounded by citizen mobilizations.


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