MAS and allies begin action against citizen leaders for unemployment

Once the process of repealing Law 1386 is completed, the government and its staff will promote a range of measures against those they hold responsible for mobilizations and permanent unemployment in various regions of the country. The persecution began and one of the first points of attack is, in addition to the citizens of Potosí, the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Citizens Committee, Rómulo Calvo.

It was learned from Santa Cruz that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the department of the region had accepted the complaint against the chairman of the committee, Calvo, brought by the MP Estefanía Morales for the alleged crimes of sedition and public incitement to commit a crime, to attack freedom of work and to assert the rights of the people.

Meanwhile, the Departmental Council of the MAS in the Santa Cruz government, Jorge Ysnado, who represented the MAS bank in the assembly, and Deputy Rolando Cuellar demanded the dismissal of Rómulo Calvo from the Petroleum Health Fund doctor and an investigation into the Ombudsman .

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On the other hand, the Minister of Public Works, Services and Housing, Édgar Montaño, said that economic losses in state-owned companies reach 8.7 million Bolivians.

In this context, the agency asked Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and the Ombudsman to return the money.


Meanwhile, civil society organizations associated with the blue party demanded criminal proceedings against suspected “subversives and terrorists” in a town hall in the Ceja of El Alto, at the toll booth that connects it with La Paz. try to destabilize the country.

These concentrated sectors, as well as members of the National Assembly and government agencies, replicate the version that an alleged “second coup” was attempted.

“We demand that the national government carry out the processes to condemn subversives and terrorists with all the severity of the law,” says one of the government-related points.


Deputy Minister of the Interior Regime and Police Nelson Cox assured that no criminal acts will go unpunished following the acts of violence in the city of Potosí that caused the death of Basilio Titi, a young farmer and others. , plus other damage.

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“Last week there were not only incidents here in Potosí, but also criminal acts. What is in the government ministry is to take the appropriate steps to get that clarification, ”he said.

He added, “There isn’t just one death that needs to be resolved; Even a patrol of our police was destroyed ”.

COB calls for sedition lawsuits

A national expansion of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) that took place in La Paz called on President Luis Arce’s government to initiate appropriate proceedings against civic leaders and extremist sectors acting against the country.

“We demand that the central government immediately take real and vigorous action against terrorists and rebels of the citizens’ committees and extremist, discriminatory and divisive sectors who are cracking down on the country and the intellectual and material actors of the 2019 coup,” points out one of the resolutions of the extended out.

The COB condemned “the passive and irresponsible attitudes of some senators and MPs”.


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