Marchists invite the Santa Cruz Brigade to the meeting of the indigenous parliament

Indigenous protesters in the city of Santa Cruz sent a letter of invitation to the Cruceña Parliamentary Brigade (BPC) to attend the session of the Parliament of Indigenous Nations that will take place in the following days.

“With this letter we would like to invite you and the parliamentary brigade Cruceña to attend a meeting of the” Indigenous Parliament of the 34 Peoples and Nations of the Eastern Chaco and the Amazon of Bolivia “so that you can find out the reason for our arrival in the city of Santa Cruz “Is part of the note they sent to the President of the BPC, José Carlos Gutiérrez.

One of the representatives of the indigenous parliament, Marcial Fabricano, said at the time of the delivery of the letter that the demonstrators had burned the attempt to talk to the state administrators and their organs and criticized their actions of refusing to attend the meeting .

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“We continue to follow our outlined agenda step by step. We were on fire: the first, how unfortunate the situation of a Bolivian state, which in my opinion did not correspond or does not correspond to the great interests of this Bolivia, “said Fabricano.

He also recalled that the 14 points should be addressed – land and territory, indigenous fund, special seats, abolition of norms that affect indigenous peoples, indigenous autonomy, review of the former fund, education, health, administration of indigenous justice, tax pact, Amazon law, TIPNIS borders, compliance with the Escazú Agreement and the 2022 census, for which they marched from Trinidad to Santa Cruz de la Sierra for 37 days, where they have already stayed for around two weeks.

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“Without further ado, we would like to leave you this letter of invitation so that you can visit us as you wish and we can wait for you in the plenary chamber that we have set up for dialogue at this level: the indigenous parliament and the parliament of Santa Cruz,” said the representative of the indigenous march.


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