Maple confirms the use of the third dose of anticovid from the following week

President Luis Arce confirmed tonight that starting the following week, the third dose, or booster dose, of the anticovid vaccine will be given to those in the highest risk groups who completed the vaccination schedule six months ago.

“The national government will and will have the vaccines necessary to protect the health of our most vulnerable populations the third dose from next week for everyone who belonged to this risk group ”, announced Arce at the honorary meeting for the 102th anniversary of the Warnes community.

The President stated that the decision was made taking into account the fact that the highest risk population completed their vaccination schedule six months ago.

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Following the announcement, the Minister for Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, added that the application would be extended until December 31st and you will be immunized with doses of AstraZeneca®.

“As the President announced on Monday, we decided to do the same with the AstraZeneca vaccine to all those who received their second dose in February, March, April, May, June and July, especially because there were six Months passed and before this fourth wave, ”confirmed the head of the state department.


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