Manfred Reyes Villa:

Cochabamba Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa said tonight, after hearing the ruling of the Second Constitutional Chamber of the Chuquisaca Departmental Court, that he would “continue” as a local authority for the next five years.

“That is the strength of people and especially of their prayers to our God. Brothers, thank you for all of this unending support and it is my commitment to continue. Thank you to all the lovely people who slept on the road who moved to Sucre and your efforts will help our Llajta keep moving forward. Manfred will continue to look for unity, not confrontation, you have to understand that, ”he assured the population who had been on vigil on Plaza 14 de Septiembre since last Tuesday.

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He also referred again to Vice Minister Nelson Cox, stating that “it is not possible for a Vice Minister to put pressure on Sucre, he respects Cochabamba.”

The mayor said they were awaiting the decision of the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP).

That Thursday, the Second Constitutional Chamber of Chuquisaca decided to withhold the protection requested by Reyes Villa in the Sillar Alternativo case, but decided to uphold the suspension while that ruling goes to TCP for review.


Hundreds of people waited in the square from the start of the hearing in Sucre on September 14th, and when the Constitutional Chamber’s decision became known, a strange celebration was unleashed, ending with the shouts of “Yes, it was possible”.

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The vigils were held in the main square for several days, awaiting resolution.


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