Manfred before his hearing:

Cochabamba Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa said ahead of the 11:00 hearing on the Sillar Alternativo case this Thursday that he is calm and that he expects the judiciary to act fairly.

“We hope the rule of law can be restored, I am calm, I will wait, if justice is enforced, should a guardianship be given so I can defend myself,” he told the media.

The hearing of the Constitutional Chamber of Sucre was virtually scheduled for this Thursday at 11:00 a.m. Reyes Villa will be tracking it from his office.

His followers installed vigils in the main square on September 14, and one group also traveled to Sucre, where they installed a vigil outside the doors of the court.

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“I hope the justice administrators act fairly. It is important that they see that the issue is being pursued not only from the country but also internationally,” said Reyes Villa.

He said that the IACHR had already admitted his case and that the population supported him.

He claimed that he did not believe that he was being persecuted by the government but by some “middle managers”, especially a “losing candidate” as he said, referring to Interior Minister Nelson Cox, who is “so suspicious” in Sucre today .

“I don’t think it’s the government, they’re middle managers, the anger of a loser, how strange what a coincidence he was in Sucre yesterday to put pressure on the judiciary,” he said.

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“I’m just telling him not to use the position to pressure and further challenge the judiciary,” he said.

He assured: “I will not leave the presidency of the mayor, I won the IAMR in the first instance. I will not leave it, as long as I have the support of my people, I will not leave this chair, ”he indicated.


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