Manfred about Áñez:

Cochabamba Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa called for an end to the confrontation in the country and for priority to be given to the Unitel network amid the atrocities that prevail against former President Jeanine Áñez in the wake of the alleged coup.

“What is happening is a shame, I think the population is sad because regardless of what happened or is not a person, I believe that everyone has to show solidarity with a victim; moreover, I disagree with his way of governing, but what happens is sad; after all, she was ex-president, ”she explained.

However, he insisted on leaving the department. “What has to end in the country is the confrontation, now we Bolivians have to unite, put the political colors aside; the colors have to be red, yellow and green, ”he said.

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Government minister Eduardo del Castillo reported yesterday that the former president had injured herself in Miraflores prison, where she had been incarcerated for five months for the so-called coup.


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