Mamani: Opposition only hinders work in the legislature

This Saturday, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, downgraded the opposition’s work in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, noting that it is not proposing norms and that they are only devoted to blocking the norms put forward by the official MAS. Congregation members tell Mamani that he has selective amnesia.

“We don’t have any of the rules proposed by the opposition. In all of the bills we’ve worked on, the only thing the opposition called unconstitutional was that it absolutely couldn’t be anything that didn’t get in the way. The opposition is committed to this, ”said the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies.

However, Civic Community MP (CC) Alejandro Reyes regretted that the MP’s president did not reflect the truth about the work, as the ruling party had only tried to raise its hand to send projects of law from the executive branch.

“It is always part of what the MAS says, they are deaf and do not want to see or read the proposals that we make during the entire legislative period. We proposed one of the main norms, which is the Access to Information Act, but as usual the MAS did not allow it, ”he said.

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According to the Citizen Community Alliance (CC), Congressman Carlos Alarcón, through its chairman, presented the bank with a bill to “defend democracy and resist tyranny and oppression”.

The proposal envisages sanctioning those in power who want to extend their power. Because of this, the norm mandates that the Bolivian police and armed forces are required to abide by the CPE and defend democracy, not the ruler.

The Citizens’ Community (CC) also presented changes to the ombudsman regulation. Óscar Balderas, the drafting parliamentarian, presented the document to the Legislative Assembly on April 14th.

The proposal relates to three aspects: firstly, it should prohibit political actors from running for the institution; second, to prevent a head of the Ombudsman’s office from running for election after he resigns, as Cochabamba did with Nelson Cox; and third, to set a transition period of three months.

Likewise, the draft law aims to prevent the new ombudsman from being imposed by any trade union organization or political party.

At sight

Another aspect that Deputy Reyes referred to was the fact that the official MAS was obstructing the oversight role of the members of the Assembly as set out in the Political Constitution of the State (CPE) and the General Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies.

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“There has always been a delay in the Bureau, Chamber and Office of the High Official in comments made to prevent the inspection from being carried out. This is a political harassment that the MAS is used to, it is also part of authoritarianism because by not allowing control, they create impunity and do not allow a balance between powers, ”he said.

In this regard, President Mamani called for the opposition to become more active over the next year and not focus on obstructing the work.


A meeting of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) will take place this Wednesday to form the Assembly Commission for the 2021 Management Legislative Period.

“A plurinational legislative assembly to form the commissions will be set up on Wednesday at the end of the year, and this commission will have to work during this parliamentary break set by the state’s political constitution for 15 days,” said Deputy President Freddy Mamani .


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