Magistrate Council accepts claim: Meneses is used in place of Soto.  take

The President of the Magistrate Council, Omar Michel, has appointed lawyer Mirtha Gaby Meneses, the fifth-most-voting deputy in the 2017 judicial elections, as a new advisor following the departure of incumbents Dolka Gómez and Gonzalo Alcón through a declaration of conformity, reports Correo del Sur.

Until the weekend, lawyer Sandra Soto, who received the sixth most votes in the 2017 judicial elections, acted as an advisor after being summoned by the President; However, the agency changed its decision before the deputy, who had received a better vote than her in these elections, called for her.

Deputy Advisor Mirtha Gaby Meneses last week sent a new memorial to the President of the Council calling for compliance with Article 174.II of Law 025 of the Judicial Authority, which must be met before the resignation of the then acting directors Gonzalo Alcón and Dolka Gómez Invite the deputy councilors to the 2017 judicial elections, respecting the citizen’s vote.

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Meneses accompanied them as proof that she was the fifth best candidate after Dolka Gómez, Gonzalo Alcón, Omar Michel and Marvin Molina, but was surprised that the president had called the sixth deputy, Sandra Soto.


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