Loza is set to sue two CC MPs for allegedly accusing the tropics of robbing the country

Senator Leonardo Loza (MAS) announced this Monday that he would file charges of defamation and defamation against MPs Beto Astorga and Marcelo Pedrazas, both from the community.

Last Sunday, the opposition referred former President Evo Morales to $ 1.6 million in compensation that the organization he heads, the coordinator of the Six Tropic of Cancer Federations, receives for the construction of the Carrasco-Cochabamba gas pipeline.

“This morning, in coordination with our tropical leaders, we formulated a lawsuit against these MPs, who say something, accuse, defame without giving further details. We have filed a lawsuit for defamation and defamation, it will go on and they have” to us show how the six federations are robbing the country, “Loza said.

“You tell us, ‘They keep stealing, they stole for 14 years and they keep stealing people’s money’ illicit enrichment ‘, imagine the six federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba are an organization with a legal status of up to these The severance payment did not go to a private account. We opened a corresponding account, ”he clarified.

He reminded that not only the communities of the tropics of Cochabamba received this compensation for hydrocarbon projects that were superimposed on the indigenous and indigenous peoples and farming communities, as the departments of Tarija, Santa Cruz, La Paz and Pando also benefited from statements by opposition MPs as discriminatory and Hateful towards a region that has always been marked by opposition to neoliberal governments.

The statements that provoked this reaction to the senator’s decision were:

In accordance with Article 119 of the Hydrocarbons Act (Law 3058), YPFB Transporte SA has paid the farming communities of the 6 federations of the Tropic of Cochabamba the sum of 1.6 million US dollars for the socio-ecological impact of the construction of the Carrasco – Cochabamba gas pipeline in the year 2008.


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