Loza assures that MAS marches do not block the economy but generate income

MAS Senator Leonardo Loza assured this Monday that the rallies convened by the ruling party, unlike the rallies sponsored by the right, generate income and move the economy because they do not block roads or occupy institutions. He said they were absolutely peaceful.

For Tuesday, organizations close to the MAS will participate in the so-called “Wiphalazo”, together with President Luis Arce, in defense of the indigenous flag and against “attempts at destabilization”.

“Tomorrow it will be a march with absolutely peaceful concentrations, we will not block the economy, we will not close the streets, on the contrary, our mobilizations, our Whiptalazo, will create an economy for the transporter brother, because the merchant brother, for the sister, who sells their food on the street, that’s what our concentration will be for, ”he said in an interview with Panamericana.

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According to the government, the wiphala, one of the national symbols recognized by the constitution, was violated when it was lowered from its mast on September 24 to mark the 211th anniversary of the Grito Libertario de Santa Cruz.

“Given the unacceptable events in Santa Cruz on the 23rd and 24th, we will be mobilized, we will march,” aimed.

Loza said the vast majority of the mobilized people will be from rural areas, forced by “a clear intention to separate Bolivia again, a clear intention of the unconstitutional anticipated federalism of Santa Cruz”.


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