Lotter flood 18,000 m2 Panamericana;  the radio is in danger

A group of landlords from the Villa Ingenio sector in the Achachicala area overran 18,000 square meters of Pan-American radio on Thursday, destroyed the electrical connection of the antennas and endangered radio emissions, the station’s lawyer ordered yesterday. , Juan Carlos Nemtala. El Deber and the Fides news agency were also attacked during the week; The ANP therefore called for the freedom of the press to be respected.

“You installed a tractor and destroyed the entire electrical part of the system, in which the radio antennas are located. Pan American radio broadcasts are at risk because these people threatened us with taking over the property if we don’t give them 18,000 square meters, ”Nemtala said yesterday. A real estate deed dated June 3, 1982 testifies that Miguel Dueri, the owner of the train station, acquired 43,216 square meters of the former Villa Ingenio property at the time.

In the past few days, however, a group of people who, according to Nemtala, have the support of the National Council of Ayllus and Markas del Qullasuyu (Conamaq) and the National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia, Bartolina Sisa, has attacked private property.

You suspect they’re lotter. “There’s a deal behind all of this because they’ve confirmed the area is $ 22 square feet, so we’re talking at least $ 400,000 because they even showed us plans with lots,” denounced Nemtala. On Thursday, Jhonny Dueri, representative of the owner family, appeared on site to show the ownership papers.

The police also came on site, but the alleged attackers overtook the two hundred.

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Nemtala has a complaint ready, but still hopes to be able to solve the problem through dialogue. “They gave us until Monday to hand over the property (the 18,000 square meters). We have the documents, they have no paper,” said the lawyer. In Bolivia, Law 447 has been in force since 2013, which aims to protect property rights, the public interest, greater utilization capacity and prevent irregular settlements of populations.

On Thursday, Panamericana spokesman Juan José Hidalgo denounced: “Four parishes that function as parish members are invading the land of the Panamericana radio system.” According to Nemtala, there is “land traffic” on the part of the leaders, who had already warned the radio owners in the past few months. Panamericana first aired in 1972 and turns 50 this year.

Solidarity from Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz Journalists’ Association condemned the subjugation of a Panamericana radio in La Paz and the damage to its transmission system by groups of bullies.

“Our organization regards this as an attack on the freedom of the press and freedom of expression and therefore demands sanctions from those responsible and demands guarantees from the state security authorities so that this medium and all communication media can carry out their information activities. , indicates the bulletin.

It is regrettable that the violent attacks by bullies on the media in Bolivia are still carried out and allowed. “We had already warned time and again that impunity in events like Las Londras, where there is only one detainee and no further arrest warrants are executed, encourages illegal acts and abuses against freedom of the press.”

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On Thursday, October 28, 2021, 17 people, including journalists, arrived in Las Londonras over complaints of assault. When they got to the area, they were ambushed by a group of armed men.

The duty and Anf

On the morning of January 4th, a group of anti-vaccine activists disrupted the administration of the Santa Cruz El Deber newspaper and threatened to take over its facilities to disrupt its information work. “They even threatened to force their way in with firearms in order to surrender their criteria,” denounced the morning.

That same day, but that night, the Fides News Agency (ANF) denounced that the passwords of his email and account on the YouTube platform had been stolen.

National Press Association President Marco Dipp lamented the attack the three media outlets suffered in the first week of the year.

“There are three different and isolated cases, and I don’t know whether it is a revealing or unfortunate coincidence that they have been occurring for hours,” said Dipp.

The ANP representative believes that there may be “other interests” behind the anti-vaccine threats against El Deber. He then recalled that in the case of ANF, the agency had already suffered another cyber attack and was targeted in addition to verbal attacks by officials from Evo Morales’ government (2006-2019).

He also called for Pan-American radio broadcasts to be guaranteed in the face of the antenna attack.


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