Longaric: The Pope would have sent a message through the Nuncio

Former Foreign Minister Karen Longaric reiterated that if Pope Francis wanted to send a message to the transitional government of Jeanine Áñez, he would have done so through the Apostolic Nuncio accredited in La Paz, which did not happen.

The former foreign minister was warned by the MAS that he had hidden an oral communication from Pope Francis sent through the then Ambassador to the Vatican, Julio César Caballero, requesting that ex-members be given safe conduct Asylum seekers from the MAS government in the Mexican embassy.

“If Pope Francis wanted to send a formal message to the transitional government, he would have done so through the apostolic nuncio accredited in La Paz and with an oral note. The Apostolic Nuncio did not send me a message from the Pope either orally or in writing, and certainly not a note from the Pope regarding the request for safe passage for asylum seekers, ”said the former Foreign Minister of the newspaper Página Siete.

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The above-mentioned letter from the former Ambassador Caballero to Longaric dated January 15, 2020 with the classification “very urgent” indicates that “the Holy Father has proposed to overcome the crisis of asylum seekers in the Mexican embassy in the city of La Paz, by providing safe conduct for those who are in this diplomatic legation, thus consolidating the pacification process and the legislative term initiated by Bolivia.

The MAS accused Longaric of hiding this request from the Pope.

The former Foreign Minister replied that the Foreign Office was not responsible for providing escorts. “For asylum seekers in the Mexican embassy, ​​it depended on the government ministry.”

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She also assured her that she had asked the transitional government “on humanitarian grounds” to grant safe passage to at least one asylum seeker, a senior executive that led to the handover of this document to former Mining Minister César Navarro and the former Vice-Minister for Rural Development Raúl Pedro Damián Dorado.


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