Longaric declares itself virtually in the event of a breach of duty

Former State Chancellor Karen Longaric will testify in front of the public prosecutor virtually and from Germany. The prosecution accepted his testimony on August 31st.

According to official sources, the proceedings began following a complaint from Juan Felipe Pinilla, an official at the State Chancellery. Longaric is accused of failing to meet a budget to support Bolivians overseas who were in a vulnerable position during the pandemic.

According to information from Radio Éxito, Audalia Zurita, the former Foreign Minister’s lawyer, affirmed that Longaric’s budget would be administered “to meet the needs of Bolivians abroad”.

“(The executed budget) is up to 16 million, 300,000 Bolivians have actually been spent, but they have been spent because this is the request of the interested parties and all requests from the duly accredited interested parties have been considered,” the lawyer said on the above Medium.

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He also affirmed that the case was “very poorly placed,” for which he indicated that the lawsuit could be dismissed.


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