Longaric: Áñez's life hangs by a thread and whatever happens to him will weigh on the government's conscience

Former Foreign Minister Karen Longaric warned that Luis Arce’s government will keep its conscience if former President Jeanine Áñez finds herself in an incurable and irreversible situation because she believes her life is hanging by a thread.

The former agency, which is in Germany and will then return to Chile to continue its investigative work, expressed its “deep sadness at the situation in which former President Jeanine Áñez finds herself”.

He said he hoped in the next few days to escape from the prison he has been in since March on charges of alleged crimes of conspiracy, terrorism and sedition in the “coup” case.

“I believe that he can escape prison these days because I have the impression that his life is hanging by a thread and whatever happens to him, which is incurable and irreversible, becomes the conscience of the entire government by Luis Arce, “affirmed the ex-Chancellor in contact with Radio Fides.

He stated that the situation the ex-president finds herself “tears apart the feeling of every Bolivian not only because of the inhuman situation she finds himself in” but also because of the “shameful” violation of her constitutional guarantees and warranties their right to due process. “

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He recalled that international mechanisms guarantee due process to all people, which would not happen to the former president.

In the last few hours the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF) carried out an assessment of the ex-president and applied for her to be treated in a hospital for cardiological problems. The ex-authority has been suffering from various health problems for months, but has been denied a judicial exit.

Longaric is in Germany, asks for a statement about Zoom

Longaric is certain that the prosecution’s reaction to her for the 17th

“The @OEA_official report on electoral fraud is not meddling. It is the result of an international agreement between Bolivia and the OAS, which must be respected in good faith. Meddling is when foreign governments meddle in our elections and determine Bolivian politics, ”noted in a message.

In another, he said, “The MAS government is ignoring election fraud and putting in place a process for the nonexistent coup to prosecute opponents and shamefully detain former President @JeanineAnez, former government agencies, police and military, thereby ensuring due process and the constitutional guarantees are violated “.

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“It is issues that are united that have angered the government. Eight weeks ago, the Justice Department said Longaric should not speak on social media and that he should contact prosecutors,” he said, however, there are restrictions on the country Freedom of speech.

Longaric was summoned to the prosecutor’s office on August 17 to give her informative position in the event of a breach of duty due to the situation of Bolivians who were returned to the country during the pandemic and detained at the border.

The former authority said that he cannot take part in the testimony because of his stay in Germany and will then return to Chile, where he will stay for many months, for which he has asked for a testimony via Zoom.


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