Lluta's hearing is suspended and he reiterates that they want to blame him, Adepcoca.  to have

This Tuesday, the precautionary hearing of the President of the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca), Armin Lluta, was suspended, who in turn confirmed that the trial against him is intended to “behead” the organization and that the government will take it away.

Lluta appeared in court for his hearing, in a trial opened with the criminal nature of disobedience to decisions on defensive measures and unconstitutionality.

The leader is accused of disobeying the resolution of an Amparo action sponsored by the parallel Adepcoca, led by Elena Flores, who is related to MAS. This decision favored the Flores side and put him in charge of the coca cultivation organization.

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Lluta assured this Tuesday that he had not disobeyed as he had not been notified at the time.

“They just want to incriminate me, behead Adepcoca and take Adepcoca away from the government,” Lluta said.

The chairman pointed out that Tuesday’s hearing was suspended due to the absence of the prosecutor and the prosecutor. He noted that it will now take place next Tuesday.

In the indictment, the public prosecutor applied for Lluta’s preventive detention. The defendants reported that incidents had been brought to court because of irregularities they observed.

The Adepcoca leader denounced that the parallel sector had no support from the three producing provinces (Nor and Sud Yungas and Inquisivi) for which he had set up a “red zone” electoral committee to hold elections.

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He said that only the government wanted an election for the Coca Growers Association.

He announced that his sector will remain on the streets for the government to listen to their demands. Adepcoca has already resumed pressure with demands such as the repeal of the ministerial resolution to authorize a parallel cocoa market.


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