Lima published a reform plan in Oruro that

In Oruro yesterday, the government started the process of socializing the axes of the judicial reform proposed by Justice Minister Iván Lima and, according to the ABI agency, is receiving proposals from the social actors represented in the department.

The government’s goal is to reach the nine departments and then systematize the proposals in order to initiate the judicial reform process within 90 days.

Analysts have questioned this government methodology because there are no contributions from experts, lawyers or academics and that it is merely trying to legitimize the government’s already prepared project.

In June 2016 there was a Justice Summit promoted by the Movement towards Socialism under a similar modality as the current one, with no results.

“Today (yesterday) we started the critical route in the department of Pantaleón Dalence, the father of the Bolivian judiciary. We are trying to listen to each other among Bolivians in order to build reform in unity. I received an application folder in the department. There is a particular concern and motivation of the judicial administrators, ”he affirmed.

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Lima said there was an obligation to advocate independence, transparency and accessibility in the administration of justice.

“We are not looking for technical studies, sophisticated studies by groups of lawyers, but rather to understand our people and what is required of the transformation of the judiciary. We are open to all meetings, to all suggestions and to everyone’s work, ”said Lima.

The constitutional lawyer César Cabrera reminded that this “summit” system had already failed in earlier MAS administrations. “It is good to socialize, but it is also important to know the opinion of experts and lawyers who are in the country and who can help to improve the critical situation of the judiciary,” he said.

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The 2016 summit was a total failure

In June 2016 the National Justice Summit “To Live Well” took place in Sucre; however, after more than five years there is no result. This national event should “be the preamble to a structural change for the judicial service, which is marked by corruption, retardation and political dependency,” said the organizers.

One of the reasons for this failure is that the aforementioned summit was “taken over” by a majority participation of sectors affiliated with the Movement for Socialism government. The involvement of other areas of society was neglected, as was the case with the project that the Ministry of Justice wants to develop in the nine departments of Bolivia.


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