Lima is hoping Añez will be sentenced to a prison term in 2021, suggesting it could be 12 years in prison

Justice Minister Iván Lima confirmed this Friday that Jeanine Añez has a case for which I could be sentenced to 12 years in prison and that she is awaiting a verdict in 2021.

“We currently have a case where Ms. Añez could be sentenced to 12 years in prison, this is important to us and we hope that the charges can be brought and we will get a sentence this year,” said Lima.

Although Lima did not specify the case to which he was referring, Jeanine Añez is known to have filed two charges against her two “coup d’état” charges over the events in 2019 that led her to take over the presidency.

In one criminal case, Añez is charged with terrorism, sedition and conspiracy, in the second she is charged with breach of duty and unconstitutional and illegal decisions.

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In the first case the higher sentence is 20 years in prison and in the other 10 years, although it can be increased in the form of a crime competition.

At the same time, Añez is being prosecuted in four liability cases: Senkata-Sacaba, IMF Loan, Fundempresa and the decrees in question for violating freedom of expression during the pandemic.

“The lawsuits are being carried out in both ways, not only do we have liability proceedings, but we also have due process in progress where the judiciary has determined that Ms. Añez has no right to liability proceedings. We are making progress “in both directions,” said the Minister.

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The approval of two thirds of the assembly is required for liability litigation.

Minister Lima said the assembly was an independent body to administer liability cases, but suggested that Añez’s case be dealt with in the next legislative term as the government agencies of the legislature would be changed in November this year.

He reminded that under Law 044 a liability judgment will be filed if two-thirds are not reached twice in the same legislative period. In this context, Lima indicated that the Añez case should be dealt with for procedural purposes in the next parliamentary term.


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