Lima hopes the IACHR will decide on Áñez;  ensures that there is due process

Bolivian Justice Minister Ivan Lima said on Saturday that he expected the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to rule on Jeanine Áñez’s situation.

Lima responded to journalists’ inquiries about the condition of the former president, who yesterday again blamed the government for their delicate health and a potentially fatal imbalance.

“All due process is respected, the fact that she has permanent hearings shows that due process is being followed. I hope that the IAMR will now decide on the situation that Mrs Áñez herself brought to her, ”she said.

The Minister believes that the government respects his right to health and due process.

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“What we in the government realize is that we are not going to allow a citizen’s rights to be compromised in any way,” he said.

Meanwhile, Áñez appeared at his hearings in a troubled state due to his deteriorating health, weight loss, depression, and the anorexia nervosa from which he suffers after 200 days of imprisonment.

The former president is jailed for the alleged perpetration of the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy in the case of the alleged “coup” in 2019.


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