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Justice Minister Iván Lima assured this Tuesday that Constitutional Resolution 084/2017, which allows the unlimited re-election of the President under the protection and Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights, is no longer in force in Bolivia.

At the same time, the government agency announced that the Plurinational State of Bolivia had notified the Inter-American Court of Justice (IACHR) of the opinion sponsored by Colombian President Iván Duque, stating that voting is a human right. On June 25, the Court of Justice, based in San José, Costa Rica, held its 142 regular sessions to deliberate the issue.

“The constitution says that one re-election can be made, one and only one in a row. Constitutional decision 084/2017 said that there could be a series of re-elections in Bolivia, one, two, three, four. ”, Five six. That element that said the constitutional decision no longer exists in the country, “said the Justice Minister.

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He stated that when the elections were scheduled for October 18, 2020, the same ones who led Luis Arce as president, “it was said that there can only be one election and indefinite re-election for the president, mayor and governors has been ruled out.” he said. .

“In other words, at this moment there is no indefinite re-election in the country. If the court (IDH) tells us that there is no indefinite re-election, we will thank you for your opinion, but in Bolivia this problem is already resolved”, argued Lima.

In November 2017, the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) approved the re-election of former President Evo Morales according to Constitutional Judgment 0084/2017. The argument was Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights.

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Former MAS legislators Nélida Sifuentes, Julio Huaraya, Ascencio Lazo, Víctor Gutiérrez and Santos Paredes Mamani, among others, who appealed to the Sucre instance to declare the “inapplicability” of Articles 156, 168, 285 II and 288 of the Constitution and give light to see the re-election of the leader of the blue party.

The two questions with which the opinion was obtained.


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