Lima confirms that Mesa's amnesty in the Quiborax case has

Justice Minister Iván Lima said Friday that the amnesty granted to former President and Leader of the Civic Community (CC) Carlos Mesa had a term of 365 days and that if not accepted, he will face the process in the case of Quiborax; meanwhile, the ex-president accused Evo Morales of “fixing the infamous Quiborax deal”.

“Evo Morales, the escaped dictator, arranged the infamous Quiborax negotiations, which cost the country $ 42 million due to the ineptitude and / or corruption of its government. So he ordered his parliamentarians to start a process to hide this homeland treason that will one day pay off, “Mesa wrote on his Twitter account.

The Plurinational Legislative Assembly’s (ALP) Joint Judicial Commission on Wednesday approved the report on the process of accountability against Mesa for the Quiborax case. In response, Mesa made a recent statement indicting former prosecutors Héctor Arce and Pablo Menacho; the former Mining Minister Cesar Navarro; and former Minister of Economic Affairs and current President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, responsible for the “robbery” of the country of $ 42 million in the Quiborax case.

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Lima, former President Mesa, intends to use such statements to obtain impunity for the Quiborax case and accuses the former Morales minister of being responsible for the country’s loss of millions of dollars. He asked me to take this data to a judge as these would be the scenarios for this type of allegation and not just the media.

Mesa recalled that two-thirds of the Socialism Movement in the ALP had agreed to a presidential amnesty to free him from any situation related to the Quiborax case, but he declined the opportunity because he believed that with this measure cleared the debt of the former ministers who would pay $ 42 million in favor of the Chilean company.

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“He was a candidate, he will have made a political calculation and decided not to take advantage of the amnesty. The amnesty had a period of 365 days to exercise this right, (Jorge) ‘Tuto’ Quiroga used it. He has accepted the amnesty, (…) Mesa did not do it, so he has to go to court, ”he said in an interview with La Razón.

Lima said Mesa needs to understand that the amnesty granted by former President Morales requires a single action that he carry his identity card with him and at that point notify the authorities that he accepts the amnesty.

Mesa seeks Lima’s view of impunity for herself and for former President Jeanine Áñez, who is accused of organizing a “coup” in the country in 2019.


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