Lima after operations in Potosí:

Justice Minister Iván Lima denied that the search and arrest of ex-citizen Marco Pumari and the raid on the offices of the Potosinist Citizens’ Committee (Comcipo) had violated human rights.

“What happened is in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure. There is no impact on due process,” Lima said on Friday.

“There have been no disappearances of citizens, no human rights abuses committed by those undergoing criminal proceedings,” he added.

Lima also responded to criticism from Citizen Community Leader Carlos Mesa, who believed that Pumari was a victim of kidnapping and disappearance due to the way he was captured in Potosí last night.

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“If people like Carlos Mesa want to misinform and distort reality and truth, they need to be challenged to think. The situation that has occurred in the country in the last few hours is a criminal trial situation in which all guarantees of due process are respected, “said the head of the State Department.

He said that the criticisms of the opponents corresponded “more to statements from people who have not checked the files”.

The ex-citizen was arrested Thursday night in Potosí, charged with the burning of the electoral court of the departments after the 2019 elections. Prosecutors announced that his preventive detention was being requested.

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