Like-minded MAS attack and threaten mobilizations against the government

Social organizations associated with the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) respond to the mobilizations and actions of sectors and people who question and challenge the government. The last cases occurred over the weekend and yesterday. The interculturalists tried to interrupt the march of the indigenous peoples in Santa Cruz, and the self-appointed group “Wila lluch’us” threatened the president of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) with the burning of her house.

Last month, a march by the National Council in Defense of Democracy (Conade) calling for respect for freedom of expression was intervened by a group of MAS fighters led by former MP Gustavo Torrico. Several people were injured. Another demonstration calling on former President Jeanine Áñez to defend herself freely was violently interrupted at the prison door on August 25.


After 13 days of hiking and in the context of a confrontation scenario with the so-called intercultural groups, an allied group of the government, yesterday the Deputy Minister for Autonomies, Álvaro Ruíz, discredited the march and assured that he knew nothing of a petition declaration of this indigenous sector to the authorities .

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“So far we do not know what the request is, who are the authorities that promote or implement it. We would like to know their request, at least to analyze and evaluate it,” said Ruíz.

“Wila lluch’us”

Yesterday two people who claim to belong to a group called “Wila lluch’us” threatened again in a video posted on social networks that they would burn down the house of the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia, Amparo. Carvajal, because it “supports the neoliberals”.

“Once again the warrior army ‘Wila lluch’us’ protests that these bad judges, bad policemen protected the house of (Amparo) Carvajal, this house that was built with the people’s economy, we must burn, comrades.” . Because of this, we organize ourselves and we will leave anytime, ”suggests one of the people in a video published by Qhana Pacha News.

The same people threatened to burn Carvajal’s house down on August 28th.

They assure that they are also organizing to arrest former Ombudsman and current Santa Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and former Presidents Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Carlos Mesa to be burned.

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MAS boss Evo Morales denied that the group “Wila lluch’us” belongs to his party. “As President of MAS-IPSP, I deny the information that is being disseminated regarding an ‘extremist group’ called ‘Wila Lluchus’ that is presented as a member of our political instrument. These lies benefit false human rights activists who defend right-wing coup plotters, ”Morales published on his social networks.

Activists and politicians are demanding guarantees

After the appearance of the “warrior army” “Wila Lluch’us”, which threatened to burn down the house of Amparo Carvajal, the activist Franco Albarracín and the MP Alberto Astorga called on the government to dissolve this organization.

Believing it to be a “paramilitary” group, Astorga warned that events like the one in 2019 could happen again, when the homes of Waldo Albarracín and the PumaKatari buses were burned.

“The government minister and the deputy minister of the interior should take action on this matter and dismantle these MAS shock groups. Unfortunately, they only persecute activists who defended democracy during the 21-day civil strike that was mobilized against fraud, ”added Astorga.


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