Lidia Patty says she requested Camacho's arrest as a

Lidia Patty, a former MAS MP, said she requested the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho “as a Christmas present”.

“That would ask the prosecutor, the Ministry of State, to give us a Christmas present with the arrests of Camacho, Carlos Mesa, Tuto Quiroga, Doria Medina, Arias, Mayor of La Paz, others who were involved in the coup. Hopefully one of them (like) has a Christmas present, ”Patty said to Erbol.

“I sent a letter to Santa Claus so he could give us a present, including one of them (the arrest), to respond to the letter, Santa will always bring some surprises,” added the former deputy.

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Patty is the complainant in the “Coup I” case. He has been in this trial for more than a year trying to arrest Luis Fernando Camacho over the events of 2019.

Camacho’s arrest, or at least a subpoena to testify, was a “gift” for this Christmas holiday, but pessimistic that this could be achieved with the current judicial authorities.

“If they could stop Camacho, it could be a joy for all brothers and sisters. It would have been a Christmas present, but I don’t think it will be, with these authorities doing justice, we won’t get it. Hopefully it can also be New Year’s Eve, ”said the former deputy.

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