Lero demands that the demands of the indigenous population be met and that

Civic Community MP Toribia Lero today called on Luis Arce’s government to respond to the demands of indigenous peoples who have marched to demand respect for their territory, but also to remind them of the obligation to “repudiate.” the lives of the indigenous peoples “.

“This march is legitimate, its purpose is to find justice. The Bolivian people know very well that their territory was turned into a hell by the fires, they also suffer under the rule. All of their livelihoods are affected because the government has followed the extractivist model. In Bolivia, most of the indigenous peoples are in a very vulnerable situation, there is an obligation to take care of the lives of the indigenous people, ”he said on the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

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Lero regretted that the march had been intimidated by interculturalists and also by politicians.

“We ask you to respond to the indigenous inquiry immediately. We are concerned about how the government is allowing our brothers to start a march, they are demanding that their rights be fulfilled, but INRA is turning their land over to interculturalists. Their protected areas, the forest reserves, are not just trees or firewood, it is life itself, their livelihoods, that are at risk, ”he added.


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