Lero a Arce: It has to guarantee the life of the indigenous people who march in defense of the territory

After the aggression of the indigenous march leading to the city of Santa Cruz in defense of their territory from Trinidad, the Civic Community Deputy (CC) and President of the Commission of Indigenous Peoples of the House of Commons, Toribia Lero Quispe, He asked that President Luis Arce the Guaranteed lives of each of the 200 protesters, including children, women and the elderly from the indigenous peoples involved in the mobilization.

Lero informed the ANF that he would send President Luis Arce a letter demanding that he guarantee the free access and safety of the mobilized.

“We are writing a letter to the President (Luis Arce) to ensure the free passage of the brothers. Their march is fair, peaceful and they suffer injuries and intimidation, so they march and their rights.” must be respected, ”he said.

The MP said that in the letter they will warn Arce of the importance of protecting the protesters’ lives as they belong to indigenous peoples who are in a situation of high vulnerability and extinction. He warned that the risk of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) would be exacerbated as they were exposed to contagion.

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“It is not possible for the government to allow the brothers to mobilize when they find themselves in a situation of high vulnerability and extinction, even more so in the face of the impending fourth wave of the pandemic, the president should listen to their demands and thus avoid contagion and to expose them to the type of aggression they have suffered. The government must protect the march and guarantee the lives of each of the indigenous brothers mobilized, “he said.

The indigenous march reached Guarayos Province today. Photo: Miguel Valdivia

The MP rejected the aggression of the interculturalists against the indigenous march and called them “colonizers”.

“It is very unfortunate that intercultural people who live on indigenous territory attack the march, they should at least find out, ask themselves what interculturality means, what respect for one another means. More than intercultural they seem to be colonizers, we reject it that they are the That means he walks peacefully towards Santa Cruz, they defend their territory from submission, “he noted.

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He regrets that the government has failed to announce or condemn the acts of aggression committed by those mobilized in the Cerro Grande municipality over the weekend. Silence is because the interculturalists are related to the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), said the MP.

“We all know that the interculturalists are from the MAS and that is why the government does not speak to them or tell them anything, even though they tried to remove the banners, we even received a complaint that the interculturalists wanted.” burn the brothers’ vehicle, “he said.

The march, which began 14 days ago, is led by at least 200 indigenous peoples from the Bolivian lowlands who are demanding that their territory be respected from the domination and deforestation that every year cause fires that threaten their communities and the ecosystem.


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