Legislature concludes Agenda 2021 with the Law on Promotion in the Armed Forces

The Chamber of Deputies will set the legislative agenda for 2021 with the treatment of the Act of Promotion in the Army before the date between 24.

“We’re going to discuss this project this week and have some socializations. It is planned for Wednesday and Thursday, “said the authority at a press conference.

Bill 122 on the Advancement of the Armed Forces was approved by the Senate early in the morning of November 2 and has since been in the House of Representatives, which acts as the review body in this case.

The Bundeswehr’s transport law has 20 articles, an additional provision and a final provision. The changes that the MAS made to this project were aimed at eliminating the presence of the Minister of Defense on the promotion evaluation committees.

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The new project no longer involves the defense minister in the court of promotion, nor does it give him the power to propose promotions or to carry them out with the ministerial decree.

However, the government will be responsible for the regulation, with which – according to the opposition – the decisions are handed over to the executive branch. The senators close to the government stated that the decision had been made together with the commanders of the Bundeswehr.

In Article 12 number 7 it says: “The qualification of the applicants of the three armed forces by the higher court of the armed forces takes place according to the procedure, which is laid down in the statute of the higher court for the personnel of the armed forces and in the transport regulations of every force”.

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Mamani stated that 50 bills were approved this year, pointing out that the process of appointing a new ombudsman will remain in place until 2022. The head of this facility, Nadia Cruz, completed an internship of more than two years.

The legislature announced that the “titanic” task of judicial reform was due for next year as well. He assured that social organizations and representatives from all sectors would be invited to this process.


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