Learn more about the 8 requirements for enrollment starting January 17th

The Ministry of Education, by Ministerial Decision (RM) 001/2022, set eight requirements for school enrollment that parents or guardians must submit.

“The mother, father or guardian of the girl or boy entering the regular education subsystem for the first time, be it in the first or second year of initial education in a community family in school or in the first year of primary education in the community , must submit the following documents, “says Article 12 of RM 001/2022.

one.- You have to Original birth certificate or student ID, If these documents are not provided, the head of the educational institution will ask parents to sign a commitment to submit the document within a maximum of two months.

two.- Certificate or vaccination certificate. Those who fail to provide this document should go to the nearest health center to plan the missing vaccines. The absence of this requirement does not prevent the student from enrolling, but the principal or director of the educational unit must take steps to ensure that students are vaccinated by the time they graduate.

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3.- Pupils who have attended initial training in a school community family must have the respective notebook as a prerequisite for enrollment in the first school year of the primary school vocational training community.

4.- Students who have attended institutions of the comprehensive childcare program with legal capacity will be admitted to the. enrolled Certification by the institution this corresponds to the second year of initial training in the Community Family or the first year of Community Vocational Primary Education.

5.- In order to be enrolled in the regular education subsystem, students must pass the the following ages: for the initial training in the community family in the first 4 years; in the second 5 years and in the first of the primary school community at the age of 6, completed on June 30, 2022.

6.- The obligation of initial formation in the community family is ratified. However, due to the progressive implementation of Law 070, it is exempt from requiring the textbook as a prerequisite for registering the first and second year of school for initial education in a school community family or who have not attended a childcare center for entry into the first year of the community center Vocational primary education in 2022 management, especially in remote educational units with difficult access.

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7.- The RUDE code granted to the pupil in the first or second year of initial education in the community of the family or in the first year of elementary school of vocational education in the community, this is the only official code assigned to the pupil during his entire journey in the plurinational educational system of Bolivia.

8th.- For productive community secondary education, the mother, father or guardian must have the Original student ID and photocopy and electronic notebook duly signed, if the student studied in another educational unit in the previous administration, indicates the ministerial order.


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