Learn how to get a license;  there are penalties for forgery

Last Thursday, December 23rd, the Central Executive issued Supreme Decrees 4460 and 4640, which provide that, from the 1st, “in the national territory, in addition to regulating the registration, certification and verification of the authenticity of laboratory results for the diagnosis of Covid -19.

The DS specifies that citizens must show their vaccination card to enter some facilities or otherwise the negative RT-PCR test issued 48 hours in advance in order to enter them.

These measures apply until June 30, 2022 and will be adjusted depending on the course of the pandemic.

The first and only requirement for receiving the vaccination card is a vaccination against Covid-19.

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The Ministry of Health and Sport is already developing various tools to facilitate the process of obtaining the vaccination card:

Ministry of Health portal

Via the following link https://sus.minsalud.gob.bo/#vacuna you will be redirected to a website where the ID number, the date of birth and the supplement (if available) are requested. Then click on Search and the page shows the requested vaccination card in PDF format for printing or it goes with the QR code.

Some vaccination centers have dealers who can take care of this process on request.

App and QR code

In the coming days, the Ministry of Health and Sport will launch an application where you can get certification with a QR code to avoid printing the document and download it nationally and internationally.

If this document is lost, it can be reprinted from the Ministry of Health and Sport website. It is not yet clear how many times the canet can be printed, but it is recommended that you keep it in a safe place.


the Deputy Minister of Defense for User and Consumer Rights, Jorge Silva, reported that anyone falsifying or using these documents knowing that they are false will commit a crime

In this context, the Criminal Code punishes those who use counterfeit instruments with up to six years’ imprisonment.

Vaccination cards have a QR code that allows you to tell if the document is true and if it corresponds to the person wearing it.

In August of this year it became known that there are unscrupulous people who offer fake vaccination cards with prices between 80 Bolivians and 200 Bolivians.


Regarding the control measures to be carried out by the defense of users and consumers at the end of the year celebrations, Vice Minister Jorge Silva reported: “If a person is found in a place without a Covid vaccination card or without their PCR test, they will subjected to a Covid test carried out by the headquarters. If it is negative, the police will remove it from the square.

If the test is positive, however, the person will be “prosecuted for the crime of attacking public health and imprisonment for up to 10 years,” said Silva.

The Special Unit to Fight Crime (Felcc) will help control vaccination cards against Covid-19 in order to avoid forging these documents.

Vaccination process

So far in Bolivia 9,503,944 doses between the first, second and third single dose, doses for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years and for children over 5 to 11 years of age of the vaccines Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Pfizer and Janssen.

“President Luis Arce Catacora has made the health of Bolivians a priority, and although we are the last country to have access to vaccines, we are one of the few that can guarantee all of its doses and up to a third of the reinforcement,” informed the public the Minister of Health and Sport, Jeyson Auza.


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