Lawyer: There are no real regulations against money laundering

The law of illicit profits aims to create regulations against the political constitution of the state that violate fundamental rights and is a “justification” in the absence of a real national strategy that allows the fight against money laundering in the country, said the expert in the area , Ronald Pinto.

The lawyer pointed out that the law, questioned by various sectors, seeks to create regulations against the political constitution of the state and fundamental rights. “International conventions and agreements indicate that all international recommendations against money laundering must be made in compliance with their own constitutional principles. No international organization says that money laundering is combated regardless of whether it violates fundamental rights, ”he stated.

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In addition, he argued, the government has “already established a number of norms,” ​​such as Article 185 of the Criminal Code, which regulates the legitimation of illicit profits, and Article 185 of the administrative regime, which regulates the legitimation of illicit profits. “From which a series of inferior regulations has developed that allow the state to prevent and control that the economic financial system in our country is not used to launder illegal money,” he said.

He stated that the state “must develop a criminal policy strategy that makes it possible to establish mechanisms to prevent money laundering so that the institutions do not become the object of money laundering”.

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The draft law was approved by the MAS in the House of Representatives and submitted to the Senate for examination.


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