Lawyer: I / A Court HR concludes the re-election of Evo on

Former Ambassador of Bolivia to the Organization of American States (OAS) Jaime Aparicio stated that one of the considerations of the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Justice) regarding the fact that an indefinite extension of elections is not a human right further candidacy by Evo Morales “attracts” on two sides.

The reaction to the opinion before the OAS institution was officially announced on Friday. Even so, the government insists that it is a “closed issue”; However, there are other voices from the ruling party suggesting that the Movement’s Socialism (MAS) victory in 2019 was legitimate and legal.

“One of the persons included in the (advisory) statement defines an unlimited re-election as any election that exceeds two consecutive terms of office (…). From this point on, every new attempt at re-election is deemed to be re-election for an unlimited period. This is what the document says, but it also states that any renewal made during the beneficiary’s mandate is invalid, ”said Aparicio in Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro’s A midmorning program.

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He added that “on two sides this blocks any attempt by Mr Morales to seek a fourth re-election.”

Make error compatible

Justice Minister Iván Lima said he would “shortly” appeal to the plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) to “reconcile” the decision of the Inter-American Court of Justice.

“This criterion makes no sense. What will they make compatible? They did something they never had to do, ”Aparicio replied, adding that on the contrary, liability proceedings should be initiated against the former TCP judges.

“This TCP had neither this power nor this competence. This court has violated a provision that is anchored in international law and the decision of which is null and void.

Evo’s answer

Evo Morales also took up the topic over the weekend, saying he was not “worried” about running for presidential nomination in 2025. He announced that the MAS would hold internal elections.

“It’s an advisory opinion, it’s not a sentence, and it’s enlarged on the front pages. Why so afraid of Evo? ”He emphasized in an interview with Radio Kawsachun Coca.

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“I’m not worried about being a candidate, there will be internal elections. Whoever wins is respected. From now on, some are campaigning for him not to run for office in 2025, ”he added and also said that there would be no debate about the candidacies at the moment. However, he did not make it clear whether he would run again in the next federal election.

TCP and instruction 084/2019

With judgment 084/2017, the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) approved Evo Morales’ candidacy for a fourth consecutive term in the failed 2019 elections.

The TCP ruling issued in November 2017 declares the “preferential” application of Article 23 of the American Charter of Human Rights in the Bolivian Constitution. The standard indicates that only the Inter-American Court of Human Rights can interpret what the Convention states.

The request for the expert opinion was submitted by Colombia in October 2019.


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