Pumari is in Betanzos and the prosecution will request his preventive detention

Lawyer Justo Fernández Guzmán condemned this Friday that the former Potosí citizen Marco Antonio Pumari had been violated in at least seven fundamental rights by arresting him at night without a known warrant and taking him 20 miles from the place for a district court to dissolve the precautionary measures . In addition to these irregularities, the lawyer was denied access to the investigation protocol, which made his client “completely defenseless”.

“We don’t understand the reasons why they moved him to the town of Betanzos. He was arrested on Murillo Avenue in the city of Potosí and, of course, the trial in the city of Potosí and the courts about it must be announced you consider that a judge has currently issued the search warrant, ”Fernández told ANF.

Regarding the prosecution’s evidence against Pumari, he said he had “no access at all” to the investigation booklet because police personnel denied him access to the Special Force to Fight Crime (FELCC) in Betanzos, in violation of the right to defense .

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“It was inaccessible, you couldn’t join the FELCC, they didn’t fight, they just wouldn’t let us, they didn’t speak, they blocked our entry,” he denounced.

The hearing scheduled for this Friday at 3 p.m. has been suspended, now the defense lawyers are waiting for a new decision.

“It is a violation of the right to defense, a fundamental and inalienable right. I was unable to meet or watch Pumari,” he said.

The lawyer was of the opinion that this process of justice violated, among other things, the right to freedom, the right to movement, due process, the right to equality, the right to legal certainty, to legality, taking into account the fact that “this Citizens arrested at night without following the procedure. “

He said that this procedure is understood if there are procedural risks such as the risk of escape or obstruction of justice, which is not the case in the case of Marco Antonio Pumari because he has natural roots in Potosí.

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“In the present case, he lives in Potosí, he has his family, he has his job, so his natural roots prove that he cannot flee the country,” he said.

It is also noticeable that the process through which he is accused – damage to the infrastructure of the Potosí TED in November 2019 – is more than two years old and he was never notified during the whole time and suddenly he is arrested.

“Back then they could have carried out the investigation, and now, after two or more years, the version emerges that he destroyed state property and that is why he is being arrested,” he said.

He also doubted that it was not necessary to send many police officers from other departments to the city of Potosí, which for the lawyer meant a “provocation for the Potosino people”.


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